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Thank you for your interest in learning reflexology.  . 

This site is intended to assist potential reflexology students in their search for legitimate reflexology training. Reflexology is a stand alone practice, listed as one of the “10 common CAM modalities” and is not to be confused with Massage Therapy nor should coursework in Massage Therapy or Cosmetology be construed as valid training for professional reflexology. Additionally, while internet and online training courses can be valuable in some cases, hands on training is necessary and required for National Board Certification (see Note below).  

NOTE: Over the last two decades new teaching technologies have emerged with the growth of the Internet. Students, whether for initial education or to meet continuing education requirements, in reflexology are being offered courses online. The introduction of online education has its pros and cons. However, some interaction with a teacher is absolutely necessary in learning a kinesthetic skill like reflexology. One simply cannot learn techniques, pressure, depth of work, and flow by reading a book, viewing a DVD, or taking a course over the Internet. Internet courses can successfully be used for CE credits after an initial hands-on course has been completed .

DISCLAIMER: This website is provided as a public service and is not affiliated with any reflexology program and does not endorse or recommend any reflexology curriculum or instructor but is intended to offer valid comparison criteria for evaluation of schools and training programs.

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