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In-Classroom Hours

The Educational Hour

Each in-class educational hour is based on a 50-minute hour. Meal breaks, homework, independent studies, and outside classroom time are not counted as an in-class educational hour. A qualified and authorized educator must be present for each in-class educational hour. Each hour may include, but not limited to, lectures, readings, presentations, evaluations, discussion of the material, and hands-on practice. 


The Curriculum 

Curriculum is the outline and implementation of courses, coursework, and academic content taught in a program. It specifically outlines the instructions and goals for the educator. A curriculum consists of a set of lessons, learning standards, assignments, and materials used to organize and teach a particular course.


Within the curriculum there are: 

·     Course descriptions

·     Learning environment

·     Teaching methods

·     Learning objectives 

·     Learning outcomes


Click here for NCRE 120-hour curriculum.


The Syllabus

Syllabus is a summarized form of a course content for the educator and for the students. It may include course policies, rules, responsibilities and expectations, required materials, and a schedule of assignments. 

If you are interested in learning how to design a professional curriculum or strengthen an existing one,

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