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A National Approved Foot Reflexology Curriculum is the curriculum for a school or program that meets or exceeds the NCRE national standards for core subjects outlined in the 120-Hour Baseline Curriculum for Foot Reflexology. Applications must be submitted by current National Certified Reflexology Educators (NCREd). Once the Curriculum is approved, NCREd or educators who are ARCB certified and under the direction of an NCREd in good standing must teach the core subjects of Reflexology Theory, Reflexology Practice, and Pathology and Assessment of the approved curriculum.

To apply for NCRE curriculum approval, download the application below.  



  1. Complete the Foot Reflexology Curriculum Approval Application Form

  2. Complete the Curriculum Verification Form

  3. Submit either an entire Course/Program or single Core Subject Syllabus on your letterhead (see sample)

  4. Send all completed documentations

  5. Submit Payment of $100 (online or mail a check). Payment Button below


NCRE (Curriculum Approval Application)

C/O Sarah Preusker Gallagher

1530 N State Parkway #3

Chicago, Illinois 60610

Benefits & Privileges of having an Approved Curriculum

  • National Approved Curricula List/Directory

  • National recognition as an Approved Curriculum 

  • Listing on the NCRE Directory on our website 

  • Year-round online exposure 

  • Use of NCRE Logo for a National Approved Curriculum

    • An NCRE Approved Foot Reflexology Curriculum in good standing has use of the NCRE logo on materials promoting the programs which support the Approved Curriculum. Examples of usage include rack cards, letters to potential students, flyers, brochures, and/or promotional cards.

    • The NCRE logo may be used on the school/program’s certificate of completion of an approved curriculum.

  • Receive NCRE's eBook Where Education and Legislation Meet  

  • Discounts to NCRE hosted conferences, workshops, & webinars

NCRE Board reserves the right to approve or deny any applications.

The annual renewal fee for an NCRE Approved Curriculum is payable in the month of December and shall cover the time period for January 1 to December 31 of the following year. Renewal payments are in December regardless of when applicants initially apply. 

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