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Jan Weal-Grubb, President

Jan Weal-Grubb, BSN, RN, LMT, NCREd and ARCB Certified Reflexologist. Believing reflexology connects people and our furry friends in a profound, caring, healing and balancing way. Practicing reflexology since 1996 and then ARCB Certified in 2005. A RAA member since 2008. A member of the Ohio Reflexology Association and serve as Ohio’s delegate on the Delegate Assembly. Received the Full Reflexology Certification (foot, hand and ear) from the American Academy of Reflexology. She has taught clinical and/or academia for reflexology, massage therapy, paramedic and nursing. Currently an educator for the World Reflexology Foundation (bringing self-help to people). Mentors have been many: Miss Finzel was my first in High School, Mrs. Wescott, an RN who was married to a Lutheran Pastor and next in the non-reflexology world Annie Tamargo, all these women inspired her to be her best and that she could do anything she put her mind to. In the world of reflexology there are also many,to name a few: Dr.Manzanares, Bill Flocco, Ko Tan, Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson, Sue Ricks, Touchpoint and Sally Kay. She is passionate about learning, teaching and sharing.

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Sarah Preusker Gallagher, Treasurer

Sarah Preusker, NBCR, NCREd, received her reflexology certification from the New York Open Center in 2001, and the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), shortly thereafter. In 2013, she achieved proficiency in the Manzanares Method and in 2017, her Masters Certificate. She is the first reflexologist authorized to teach this method which she currently teaches in Chicago. Sarah has had a long career as a full-time reflexologist in New York City and Chicago. During a twelve year period ending in 2020, she was involved as lead reflexologist in three National Institutes of Health randomized clinical trials. These studies were headed by Dr. Gwen Wyatt, MSU, as Principal Investigator and resulted in statistical significance for reflexology. Sarah was a professional classical ballet dancer from 1981 to 1998. It was a natural transition to reflexology for Sarah as she went from working with her feet to working on feet. That transition also included her passion. She is equally as passionate about reflexology as she was about her former life in ballet. To know more about Sarah, visit her website: ReflexFeet.

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Claire Guy, Secretary

A lifetime Maine resident with a BS in Education, Claire Guy (BS, LMT, NBCR, NCREd) taught in the public school system, then worked in the business sector as co-owner of a computer consulting firm for 19 years. Teaching software use to business owners and adult education classes was a main focus. When Claire followed her heart by attending massage therapy school in 2001 (followed by energy work and reflexology), a transformational career change was in motion. After practicing massage for a number of years, she became one of the main instructors in a massage therapy program at a community college. When she became a reflexology student in 2008, Claire quickly joined her state organization, Maine Council of Reflexologists, as well as RAA. She has been immersed in both organizations ever since. In 2017, Claire started what continues to be the only state certified reflexology school in Maine, SoleWise School of Reflexology. Along with the full reflexology certification program, Claire offers workshops in advanced reflexology practices. She offers private and group coaching for those who are serious about their personal transformation. 

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Chantel C. Lucier, Director

Chantel C. Lucier, NBCR, RMT, CMT, NCREd, is a national board certified reflexologist, reiki master, and certified massage therapist in the state of California. Chantel regularly teaches reflexology and reiki classes, wellness webinars, and provides integrated sessions and intuitive reiki readings. She is dedicated to teaching people self-care tools to promote a greater connection to themselves, each other, and their community. Chantel has studied with various teachers, including Dr. Martine Faure-Alderson, Sue Ricks, Sally Kay, David Wayte, Dorthe Krogsgaard & Peter Lund Frandsen of Touchpoint Denmark, to name a few. She also has 70 classroom hours in the science-based Manzanares Method™ of Reflexology (MMR) developed by Dr. Jesus Manzanares, M.D and training in the MMR Press and Slide Technique™, research principles, protocols and MMR Foot Reflexology Mapping, including 16 hours of training in specialty protocols for chronic pain syndromes developed and taught by Dr. Manzanares.

Chantel is a published author. Some of her books include, Intuitive Reiki: An Integrative Approach, which accompanies her Intuitive Reiki Program, and Something New Every Day: Transformative Daily Self-Care Practices. She is an approved continued education provider with NCBTMB and ARCB, Liaison Director for Reflexology Education and Vice President for the Reflexology Association of California and is happy to be an active Board Director of NCRE. To know more about Chantel visit

Connie Kern, Director

My journey with Reflexology began when, as an amateur athlete, I suffered a debilitating spinal injury and was scheduled for a series of surgeries to restore functionality. In a desperate effort to avoid surgery, I tried seeing a reflexologist and was shocked when he was able to restore my ability to stand. Surgery was postponed a few times as healing increased and through a great deal of skillful care and a bit of good fortune , I was able to heal fully without surgery. This left me with a fierce desire to understand how this old man could press my feet and heal my back. After finishing my course of treatment and graduating from physical therapy, I refocused my effort on learning this magical therapy and embarked on training through Verdant Acres in PA in the late 90’s. After finishing training I opened the first iteration of Serene Health Reflexology, gave up my career in real estate and never looked back. Over the years I collected the tools to support holistic healing. Reflexology continues to be the foundation of my practice, and is useful to support physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. I support my brand of IMRT (Integrated Method Reflex Therapy) by continuing education which has resulted in an ordination degree, another in Health and Wellness management, and a Masters of Education with a concentration in mental health counseling. 


From 2015-2019 I was honored to serve as a Provider with full privileges at Womack Army Medical Center on Fort Bragg. We were able to obtain FDA approval to hold a study to explore the effects of reflexology on chronic pain in a military clinic setting. The study was presented and published, and helped to build evidence to support reflexology as a therapy for this demographic. 


Over the past few years I’ve been active in teaching CEUs as an approved instructor under ARCB. COVID has delayed course instruction, and I’m happy to announce that my school will begin a comprehensive training class on April 2, 2023. I’m eternally grateful for the part that reflexology has played in my own health and well-being, and sincerely enjoy sharing its benefits with others. I look forward to supporting the industry through promotion of education and training programs in the coming years. 

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Emilee Eide, Director

Emilee Eide, NCREd, ARCB certified reflexologist, reflexology educator and classical homeopath. “Many lives in a lifetime", she has an undergraduate architecture degree, has been a NCTMB massage therapist, birth doula, feng shui practitioner, water therapy instructor, reiki practitioner, ‘spirit play’ religious educator, and first and foremost, a dedicated mother of two amazing daughters. Inspired after hearing a radio interview with Dr. Oz on the benefits of reflexology for post op heart surgery, such as reducing rates of infection and decreasing recovery time, she enrolled in a reflexology program, which began the following week. A graduate of Sue Watson’s Healthy Soles School of Reflexology in 2010, she has a thriving home based reflexology practice, Sole Purpose Reflexology. In 2013, she ‘inherited’ the school, and over the years has transformed it into her own, Sole Purpose Reflexology School. It is an honor and joy for her to teach and mentor others on how to express their uniqueness through their reflexology skills, to be present, caring and mindful reflexology practitioners. She loves being a student and a teacher. The transformative process of becoming something you have never been before is a journey that she enjoys supporting and facilitating her students through. A student herself, she recently completed a four year program in classical homeopathy at the Northwestern Academy of Homeopathy. As a homeopathy student, she facilitated study groups with other classes and looks forward to implementing and integrating new ways of teaching based on her experiences from having recently been a student. She is enthusiastic to be part of the NCRE board and sees it as a collective and supportive environment in which to grow herself and outreach to others in new and significant ways.

Advisory Board
Christine Issel ~ Ameritus Advisor
Kelly Urso
Brenda Makowsky
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Ralph Richey
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