The National Council for Reflexology Educators (“NCRE”) is an IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization, that emerged in January 2016 with the intention of supporting the needs of reflexology educators. This will be done by offering educational resources, forums, conferences, online training, and a voice at legislative proceedings.

The mission is to meet the diverse needs of the reflexology educational community by bridging the gap between the individual’s desire to teach and evolving standards; and give a voice to experienced teachers and those who provide instructional aids.


  • Develop national standards for teachers at accepted industry levels for those wishing to teach reflexology.

  • Act as a resource center for interested educators in meeting those standards.

  • Promote continuing education so that the members may serve the best interest of their students and the profession.

  • Act as a voice for educators as they communicate and collaborate with other reflexology organizations within the United States and around the world.

  • Assist in upholding standards to safeguard the education of students and insure the safety of the public.

  • Develop a core curriculum creating a national standard supporting those wishing to teach and offer national certification.

  • Offer a designation in accordance with the Policy and Procedures to those educators who are able to meet the national standards maintained by the Council.

  • Promote reflexology to the public and other health care professionals as a complementary health and wellness practice.



Kelly Urso


Kelly Urso, BA, NBCR believes reflexology is a gift and a responsibility! She has been practicing since 2000 and is ARCB certified in hand and foot reflexology. Her mentors include: Teri Magnan, Bill Flocco, Val Voner, Dwight Byers, Touchpoint, Father Josef and Nancy Bartlett. She feels that each teacher has strengthened her skills and abilities. Kelly has a private reflexology practice in Westerly,  RI.  She also helped start a non-volunteer program for reflexology at Kent Hospital where she worked on the women’s care, oncology and the rehabilitation units promoting reflexology to the public. She served four years on the Reflexology Association of Rhode Island board with two years as president. She currently is a passionate reflexology educator in New England dedicated to protecting and guiding reflexology through education and legislation.

Ko Tan earned his first foot reflexology certification in 1983. After then, he was certified in the Full Reflexology Certification (Foot, Hand and Ear) from the American Academy of Reflexology (AAR) in 1990 and has been teaching AAR reflexology beginning and integrated courses nationally and internationally. Ko Tan is a past board member of the International Council of Reflexologists (ICR), the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), and the Georgia Reflexology Organization (GRO). He is recognized for his achievements and extensive research in Reflexology. He participated in the first US study conducted on the positive effects Reflexology has on PMS symptoms, which was published in the Obstetric & Gynecology, December 1993.Ko Tan is the author of the face reflexology book About Face as well as the Traditional Chinese Medicine Simplified. Utilizing his About Face book, Tan has been training his method of Face Reflexology along with his creation, the Face Jade Stone Therapy.

Ko Tan


A lifetime Maine resident with a BS in Education, Claire Guy (BS, LMT, NBCR) taught in the public school system, then worked in the business sector as co-owner of a computer consulting firm for 19 years. Teaching software use to business owners and adult education classes was a main focus. When Claire followed her heart by attending massage therapy school in 2001 (followed by energy work and reflexology), a transformational career change was in motion. After practicing massage for a number of years, she became one of the main instructors in a massage therapy program at a community college. When she became a reflexology student in 2008, Claire quickly joined her state organization, Maine Council of Reflexologists, as well as RAA. She has been immersed in both organizations ever since. In 2017, Claire started what continues to be the only state certified reflexology school in Maine, SoleWise School of Reflexology. Along with the full reflexology certification program, Claire offers workshops in advanced reflexology practices. She offers private and group coaching for those who are serious about their personal transformation. 

Claire Guy


Alison Gingras lives in Maine with her husband Noel, two cats, and a flock of chickens.  She was introduced to Reflexology by Myra Achorn in 1995 and studied with Janet Stetser in 1996.  She has been an active member of both the Maine Council of Reflexologists and the Reflexology Association of America.  Alison served on the RAA Board from 2009 to 2013 and is a past president of RAA.  She is excited to use her knowledge and experience in both science and education to help the Council get off to a good start.

Alison Gingras


Brenda Makowsky


Brenda Makowsky has served RAA as president (Spring 2012- spring 2015), treasurer (2012), and contractual bookkeeper (2009-2011). A seasoned professional in corporate America, her business expertise includes facilities, purchasing, IT support and operations management.  She earned a master's degree in social work and spent more than a decade in the field before her career shift to business in 1998. Her communication and training skills have been honed through volunteer work for not-for-profit organizations as well as work in Fortune 500 companies. She is a graduate of the International Institute of Reflexology (2008) and believes education is the key to personal and organizational well-being.

Advisory Board


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