Benefits of Being a Member

· Support for professional advancement

· Access to online courses (link or placeholder)

· Online forum specific to educators (click here)​

· Webinars by seasoned educators

· Voice at legislative hearings

· Discounts to NCRE hosted conferences and workshops

· Name on website (Educators Only)

· Peer recognition (Educators Only)


Both classes of membership may take full part in the business of the NCRE such as, but not limited to: setting policy, voting, holding office, receiving a certificate of membership and the newsletter, receiving a discount on NCRE sponsored events and any products carries by NCRE, and may use the NCRE logo in their business.

How to Become a Member

Here you will find membership resources that will assist you in the process of becoming a nationally recognized educator or an educator who wishes to provide quality educational programs in the name of Public Safety.


Levels of Membership

NCRE has two levels of membership:




NCRE Certified | Educators who present reflexology lessons or imparts knowledge or a skill to a student. The following qualifications are required to meet the Educator level of membership:

      1.  Education: GED or equivalent as a minimum.

      2.  National Certification: Passed the written and practical portion of a psychometrically valid exam offered by a non-profit standalone certification board (Example: American Reflexology Certification Board)

      3.  Anatomy and Physiology: Completed 60 hours or more of study.

      4.  Teaching background: A cumulative minimum of 100 hours within the last five years. Classes must contain a minimum of two students per class. The 100 hours must consist of at least 50 hours of teaching reflexology, 50 hours of other coursework (bodywork, business, marketing, A&P, etc).


*NCRE encourages all its members to join the reflexology membership association (Example: Reflexology Association of America).


ADVOCATE | Individuals with:

  • an interest in reflexology education

  • products (book, DVD, video, on reflexology or other suitable product for sale to teachers and or students)

  • a school or program owner, business owner, one considering teaching

  • a desire to support the educational standards but is not yet Certified by NCRE

  • a desire to support the educational arm within the reflexology community



Membership Year

Membership shall be from January 1st to December 31st of each year.




EDUCATOR | Initial year is $100, which includes the submission review and membership. $75 annually each year after.

ADVOCATE | $50 annually


Membership Renewal

December 1st-31st is renewal for dues. Renewal notices will be sent to each member by November 15th. A final notice will go out it early January if NCRE does not receive a member’s dues by January 1st.   A 30-day grace period will be granted during which time the member may reclaim his or her status. After February 1st the member will no longer be in good standing with NCRE and all benefits and privileges shall cease.




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