Code of Ethics

A certified educator of reflexology will:

1.     maintain the dignity of the profession by obeying local school policies, local ordinances, and laws at the state and national levels.

2.     strive for competence by assuming responsibility for his or her education and for continuing professional growth by updating skills and staying current with national standards and state laws.

3.     provide an environment that is professional and respectful to the teacher/student relationship.

4.     sustain professional behavior when dealing with students throughout the student lifecycle including pre and post classroom engagements.

5.     not intentionally misrepresent himself/herself or their education or educational programs, and distinguishes his or her own personal opinions from that of NCRE or any other national reflexology or educational association.

6.     preserve confidentiality concerning both colleagues and students

7.     maintain documentation and records that are required of a school or business by regulating organizations.

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