Educators are defined as those who present reflexology lessons, impart knowledge, or a skill to a student. The following qualifications are required to meet the Certified Educator level:

         ❑  Education: High School Diploma, GED, or equivalent

         ❑  National Board Certification in Reflexology: Passed the written and practical portion of a psychometrically valid exam                       offered by a non-profit standalone certification board  (Example: American Reflexology Certification Board)

         ❑  Educational Background: Completed a minimum of sixty (60) hours in Anatomy and Physiology (A&P).

         ❑  Teaching Background: Taught a minimum of one hundred (100) hours. Total hours must not exceed a period of five (5)                     years from the date of application submission. The one hundred (100) hours must consist of at least fifty (50) hours of                   teaching reflexology. The remaining hours may consist of alternative coursework. Examples of alternative

               coursework shall include bodywork, business, marketing, A&P, etc. Classes must be taught live and have a minimum of                   two students per class.

         ❑  Reflexology Experience: Practitioner for a minimum of two (2) years.

Benefits & Privileges of Being a Certified Educator

  • Support for professional advancement

  • Resource for Continued Education

  • On-line forum specific to Educators

  • Use of NCRE logo

  • Legislative support

  • Discounts to NCRE hosted conferences, workshops, & webinars

  • Marketing support and resources

  • Year-round on-line exposure for prospective students

  • Listing on the Directory of Certified Educators on our website

  • National recognition as a certified educator in the profession


  • Application fee: $100

  • Annual renewal fee: $75




NCRE Board reserves the right to approve or deny any applications and to terminate any Associate at its discretion.

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