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Thank you for your membership submission to NCRE. Please check the Membership Resources page of our website which defines our membership levels. When you begin the membership application process, you should understand and apply for the level most suited toward your experience.
CREd level membership applicants are required to complete the three-step process - the application, document submission, and payment processing. Advocate membership level applicants need to only complete a two-step process - the application and payment processing.
For questions regarding the application process, please email info@reflexedu.org.
Contact information is for NCRE records and our website. Please note that you can always opt out of our website listing.


To meet the NCRE CREd requirements, please read and submit the required documentations. Applicants that don’t meet the CREd requirements at the time of the membership application are welcome to become ADVOCATE members of NCRE. No supporting documentation is required for the ADVOCATE level member. Membership level benefits are found in the Membership Resources page of our website.

The following formats are acceptable uploads: 

Missing documentation could result in delay of application


1.       Proof of Education.

College degree(s), high school diploma or GED meet the educational requirement.

Note: we just want a check box where someone attests to having a high school diploma, GED or higher.

2.   National Certification Validation.

You are required to be a certificant in good standing with a non-profit, stand-alone reflexology association that offers psychometrically valid testing. Please upload the following document:

Name of certification board and your certification number.

3.   Anatomy and Physiology hours.

You are required to complete a minimum of 60 hours of Anatomy and Physiology. Please upload one of the following documents:

a.       A copy of your transcript with a passing grade from the institution.

b.       A letter from the instructor or an official form from the school or institution on their letterhead with dates, hours and passing grade.

4.   Teaching Background

Documentation showing the last five years of teaching with a cumulative minimum of 100 hours (20 hours per year). Classes must contain a minimum of two students per class. The 100 hours must consist of at least 50 hours of teaching reflexology, 25 hours of bodywork (any form of touch therapy) and up to 25 hours of something else (business, marketing, A&P, etc). Please upload one of the following documents, verifying each class taught:

a.       Workshop or training class documentation that includes course curriculum, hours and names of registered students. Documentation needs to be on school or company letterhead.   Hours need to equal 100 over the last five years.

b.       Letter from the institution verifying courses, hours and minimum of two students. Hours need to equal 100 over the last five years.


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